Understand how your team uses vehicles and reduce fleet costs by up to 45%


Where's My Team?

Always know where your team is. Watch on a Google map in real time, or go back and review how staff spent their day

Better Utilise Assets

Understand how vehicles are used. Our clients have saved up to half their vehicles by understanding how many were parked in the carpark!

Reduce Labour Costs

It's hard enough to manage your team when you can see them! Keep track of start and end times and what staff did during the day. Verify time on sites and reduce wasted time and money.

"Since implementing Conductor we've saved almost half our total fleet costs, improved driver safety and recovered 3 stolen cars. To me, Conductor is a no-brainer."


Justin Clarke

Executive Finance Manager - Outcare

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Reduce Fuel Costs

Reduce unnecessary drive time. Stop unauthorised use of vehicles after hours. Encourage defensive driving that can improve fuel efficiency by 30%!

Safety & Security

Manage and influence staff driving habits. Compare speeds to local speed limits and alert managers of problem behaviour. Track stolen vehicles back to the thief's door! Get alerts of any removed tracking devices.

Improve Service

Respond quickly to customers. Know where your team are and when they will arrive on site. Provide historical records of service. Easily track which sites staff spend the most time.


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